How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Mmm... ice cream?

So the Remy rears it's ugly head, after a few days at Vermont with no internet connection. Good friends, good times, good fun. Wait, isn't that TGI Friday's?

Got flair?

Anywho, what have we got? Well, the original reason for the invite was simply beacause I'd annoy some of the guests (which as it turns out, i didn't). First glitch- Max screwed up the directions (there's a big difference between route 11 north and route 11 south- good thing apples had a map!). So the first night was me, Tim, Max, Apples, Ben and Becky- and we had fun. Got Becky to roleplay in what had to be the meanest StarWars mission I've ever run. Our SW roleplay sessions usually turn out to be much more action oriented than alot of my other RP- and this one was seriously seriously mean. But no one died- barely

So the next day, we get up and get a call from Sam- he's on his way, but lost (those bastardly directions again!) Not only are the planned on Sam, Cassie, Sarah, and Kayla, but also Kelly, Corey and Jesse. Ben and Max phreak, the fact that there's all these unexpected people pisses them off and complicates sleeping arrangements. Apples doesn't really care for Jesse, and I hate Kelly (she dated a "friend" of mine at Siena, and pissed me off in thirty seconds of meeting her). So for a moment, there's a high stress thing, but I settle on the sadistic glee that I expect to recieve from pissing off Cassie and Kelly in ways that they can't deal with.

So they all arrive, and we do what we can.

ARGGG! Pause. I really don't want to deal with people on IM right now- I just finished a 3 hour carride! ARRRG!

Anywho... it turns out to be a fun night, a coupleof movies, some hanging out, pillow fights, and more roleplaying (which didn't go so well). I was completely oblivious to any tension or stress. Joyful ignorance.

So, we're romping we're romping... some more highlights- I almost pass out from spending too much time in a hot tub that had too many chemicals put in it. apples, sam and I stay up an entire night, where Apples confesses that he's somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that Becky is is only sexual experience. We chill the whole night, and end up having a nice breakfast at dunkin donust where the staff was this bunch of older women that were soooo nice, it was great. we also discover that Satanists have to be right since Mountain dew is green. We went on a really rough hike. Max tried pulling a small practical joke (feigning returning from the hike with an injury), and really upset Cassie. Continuing... ummm... few other fun moments, like leaping from the second floor loft onto the pile of cushions on the floor. Kelly and I no longer hate each other (helping someone mock thier exboyfriend seems to make them like you more).

I'm done for now... I know I've been horrible about posting on here, and what I have posted as been pretty empty, but it's just hard when i'm not home.

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