How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

No Child Left Behind

Yes, lets ensure that when the slaughter happens, no a single child is left out of this! Everyone must die!

Sorry, the whole "No Child Left Behind Act", which mandates that public schools must allow recruiting officers into the school lest they loose federal funding.

So lets see...

  • State controlled education
  • State mandated recruiting interviews as part of said education
  • Searching of Citizens is SOP
  • Spying on Citizens is SOP
  • The DOD plans to use the military to influence public opinion
  • Military activites abroad without declarations of war
  • "Killing ragheads is the only way to peace" mantras

There's more, but that's more than enough to piss me the fuck off. Each day that goes by, I get more and more militant, and I start thinking about places and methods of caching weapons in my home and on my person so that when the jackbooted thugs do arrive, I've got that much more of a chance to escape.

I listen to myself and find myself wondering when I became such a paranoid nutcase, but the thing is, this looms on the horizon. These jackbooted thugs are going to be coming, if people don't do something to make it stop NOW.

There needs to be a revolution, and it needs someone who can lead it. Yes, I Jeremy Porter, announce that the false government that has imposed itself on the United States of America must be overthrown.

Is this sedition? Yes. Sedition is what created this Nation, and Orthodoxy is what is destroying it. My Anarchism arises as a direct response to the Plutocracy. I want to Create, and my Creation is Blocked by this external rigidity.

So first, strip out the old, rip it bare, and relay the foundation, and from the ground up, build a better world. A revolution is meaningless without presenting an alternative to the old, and the alternative I propose is to lay the burden of responsibility on the individual. To not rely on rules, strictures, and systems, but on ad hoc reason, coming together as the need arises, and splitting apart when it is determined.

First the forest must be razed with fire, and then seeds can grow that are truly beautiful. I will stare down the maw of this growing beast that is the System, and I will spit venom down it, and in its corpse, I will grow a forest.

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