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Alright, so I've vanished for a few days. Moving back home kinda blows, ya know?

Well, all of my job stuff turned out for naught. I got an offer that I HAD to move on, instead of getting what I wanted. No, there's no logic in that. I took it because it was there and it paid well- and because it scared me.

Scared me you ask? What job could be so chilling? last summer I worked as a camp counselor for a local city sponsored summer day camp. Counselor, cake work; it basically involved me showing up and playing with kids all day. So what comes now? They want me to come back and be a DIRECTOR. Ya know, RUN one of the camps.

ACK? Scares the piss out of me. It's one thing to be responsible for accomplishing a task. Get THIS done. Finish THAT. TEACH him this. But directing people? Being responsible for fifty screaming kids? Making sure they're at the right place at the right time, and keeping them entertained?

I hate being in charge. I like being second in command. I can do as much work as I want, and if there's a failure- it's the fault of my superior.

So, part of the reason I took it was because I was scared of it. Face fears and all that carp.

Shoot me now.

Anywho, in other news, I saw TIM! YEA!!! Tim, Ben and I got together (and Max was there- for a change, Max actually contrinuted to a get together as opposed to detracting from it), hung out, roleplayed. I ran a plotline that I'm extremely proud of. And I think all the players really should be, because it was an extremely different plot to execute. Tim played a gambler- who found out someone was sending an assasin after him so that he wouldn't finish a gambling tournament. So Tim hires an actor, played by Max, to take his place, for a "documentary" on gambling. The assasin was played by Ben. There were a million twists and changes of identity. It worked REALLY well, considering we had players who were playing thier characters pretending to be someone else.

we've decided that mad crow studios first release is going to be a turn based strategy game based off of the SW:Miniature Battles rules, but removing all references to Star Wars, as to not infringe a copyright.

On the final note... when I'm home, apathy and banality assault me. Sometimes I just don't care, and alot of times I can't believe. But I want to care, and I want to believe. There's a special part of the world- the aspect of continual inviolable beauty, the childlike wonder and joy, essentially the world of dreams.

And, while watching wrestling is a stupid thing to do... it's neat to watch the subtle signals that they send to coordinate the moves.

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