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My copy of Terminus that I won of E-Bay ships today, still in the box.

Now I can really test out my joystick, my reflexes, and my patience, because Terminus has a really shallow learning curve.

Why is it that everyone misunderstands that? A shallow learning curve means that it takes a long stretch on the x-axis (time), to achieve a high rating on the y-axis (skill).

People get scared when I say the learning curve is steep, but that means that you learn alot in very little time.

Stupid people. Speaking of learning, I'm teaching right now. Well, watching the students do a lab anyway, then I'll start teaching some more. This lab is a good thing, as I have blown through 3.5 lessons (out of fifteen) in a five day class. Could probably have killed 4 today. That may or may not prove to be a problem in the long run, this is my first time teaching this material, and I don't know the pacing.

We'll find out, now won't we.

One of my students mentioned Star Trek, so we chatted about it, and he mentioned the end of the ST:TNG series was in '94. Which elicted from me, 'Geez... that was my Freshman Year in High School'.

I feel young (I'm probably half the age of all of my class), and old at the same time.

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