How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Yesterday, the longest running employee of NH Albany gave his notice. As of Friday, Vince is moving on to better things. Vince is the only MCSD and MCDBA that we have, resulting in a gap, and an inability to cover all the courses we have coming up in the next few months. He's the only person that can teach them.

However, this could work out for me. The only NH employee that could even begin to hammer down those skills is me. I'd love an MCSD under my belt (Microsquish Certified System Developer). I've been talking about working towards it, and if Tom and Justine want someone who can teach that shit, well, I could get brought up to speed in no time. Hell, if I get a month to prep and can go at my pace (and not be slaved to getting to work every day on their hours), I could be teaching those courses by mid-January. It'd be a killer stretch of studying, but that's real shit.

Did some christmas shopping for Cate. I was feeling bad, because I know she's been buying me all sorts of knick knacks, toys and such, and until recently, I had nothing for her. Now I've got two things that I know she'll dig, and since I'll be swinging past the mall more and more often (stupid busses!) I can snag more stuff for her. And do shopping for other peeps.

Does this mean that I'll be shopping for christmas before the holiday? Why yes! Yes it does! The whole having money thing is kinda cool. This year though, odd and fun are going to be the main themes. I never like buying practical presents, mainly because I hate getting them. I'm all about the fun stuff- if it's useful, I'll buy it myself thank you very much.

Oh, and a note: damn it's cold.

I stopped past borders and picked up Snow Crash. I read it a bit on the ride home, and it's terrible fun. Yay SnowCrash!

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