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A beautiful thing.

Today has been a day of intellectual challenges. I'm currently reading up on Nikolai Tesla, the Mountauk Project, the Philidelphia Experiment and Harmonic Resonance.

It's amazing. They're all interconnected, and each of them has ties to things I'ver seen elsewhere or experienced first hand. I'm looking at a new world hidden in here, coincidence and synchronicity are teaming up, and I'm starting to notice trends, linkages between real world and fiction, parts where the WhiteWolf mage system was definitely based off of factual organizations or structures (namely, the Technocracy).

Scary, scary shit. I want to go to the Newark AFB, which while supposedly closed, seems to have been (and still be) a staging area for the Montauk project, and I most definitely want to see the Montauk site.

Strange, I know.

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