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When Episode 2 came out, it was okay. Shiny, pretty, and so on.

At this point... I'm watching current politics work themselves out, following the movie play by play. And the sad shit is, I think it's going to go down the same way.

I really don't think this is a fight we, the Citizens of America, the People for whom this Country was founded to house, nurture, and protect. Right now, the political machine is spinning out of control, jumping at shadows, and getting the masses to jump with them. The democratic process has ground to a halt, as an Imperialistic ruler railroads new and more restrictive policies through Congress, using rethoric, propganda, and just plain bullying and namecalling to get it done.

But the bitch of it is, it's working. Through a unique combination of ignorance, apathy, and media saturation, the citizens are immobilized. I think Bush is going to get his little war, and I think Saddam will strike back with a devestating response- right at one of the major population centers of the United States.

I think our personal freedoms will vanish, and we'll wander around looking at posters that remind us that Total Information is Watching (for our safety), and that War is the Only Path to Peace, and so on. Orwell said it better.

And I watch this happen, and I'm lost. What do I do? What can we do? I don't think that this is a fight that can be won. They're moving too fast, too aggresively, and the citizenry has yet to roll off their ass and even contemplate the issues.

Goddammit, I don't want people to die; I don't want people to die over fucking oil! I don't want people to die just so that the status quo can stick it out another generation or two. I don't want to live in fear of my government.

I am afraid. I'm getting as involved as I know how, keeping track of petitions, movements to send faxes, etc.

I think we can stick it out mind you, and try and stave this off as long as possible. But I see this charging behemoth and I know that stepping in front of it will stop it about as well as if I stepped infront of a speeding train, and I'd fare the same in either case. So how do we derail this movement to a madman's war and a police state?

That's really what I want to know. I honestly don't think the constituency is going to be heard in Congress over the warmongering and the propoganda. So with the democratic process dead in the water... what do we do? How can we combat this?

Infowar? Fight back with propoganda? They have more resources for that than we do. And more experience. Hacktivism? Can any hack attack actually do enough damage to cripple the systems that are being put in place? It could possibly derail Total Information Awareness, but I doubt it. And even so, that's hardly the Achilles Heel in this matter. Open confrontation in military manuver won't get us anywhere- they've got the guns, the bombs and the tanks. And covert operations would just make us "Terrorists" too, and besides- the only people we can strike at are other citizens- our only allies in this fight.

So what else can we do?
Am I right? Are we doomed?

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