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w00t! (yeah, I know, overdone) Finally caught up with AngeLiz online! Another one of my local cuties. Well, not local, but a cutie with whom I talk whenever I get the chance.

She complained that there hasn't been enough philosophy on here. So I think I'm going to bite off more than I can chew and discuss if any of us really matter.

This question kinda goes pretty deep. I mean, we have to define what "matters", and what scale we're discussing on, and if anything even exists. Some of the basic concepts of metaphysics. Lets assume the basic concepts of matter and energy, and all our physical laws have at least a moderately accurate depiction of things.

So, that said, lets look at our scale. The cosmos is mucking huge, no? After all, this is like adding a single molocule of water to the ocean. Against that backdrop, it couldn't matter.


In some ways, it's both convinenent and desireable to not matter- it remves the impetus to act from us. I'm gonna put this on pause though... simply because I'm tired and doing other stuff right now (chatting with liz)

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