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ASP Victory! HTML loosery...

Okay, a test of my database application is up here. I've got a backend DB that keeps track of each page, and the links between the pages, and the images associated with the links. Sure, DB generation is resource intensive, but then again, I'm pulling small queries against small tables, and using a stored DB query, so I'm not concerned about the performance hit.

So YAY! ASP Victory. I can now go and build my site using this and a few other ASP tricks to make the layout consistant (and I can actually put together the images I really am going to use- the missing images that show up are beacuse I didn't build any yet! Nor have I built most of the pages those links are for- it's a test, remember?)

[EDIT: Ignore rant about HTML loosery, I was just putting an attribute on the wrong tag.]

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