How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Clone Girl: An Adventure

Sally just parted our company this evening, after hanging out with us and just chatting for a few hours. Which is pleasant.

Sally, for those of us who don't know, was introduced to Cate and myself through an odd manner.

One day, Greg and I are driving through Troy, talking about Cate. And Greg says, "Speak of the devil, there she is now. Lets see if she wants a ride." And I look where he was indicating and it's Cate! Wait, no it's not. Cate doesn't walk like that, doesn't wear headphones, and doesn't own a coat like that (a nice long black one). But damn, when you don't look closely, it certianly looked like that was Cate.

So Cate, like so many others, had a clone. And we talked about how odd it was, and that was that.

Until we're riding a bus, and this girl gets on, that looks familiar to me, and is wearing a long black coat. I keep glancing at her, both trying to place her, and trying to examine that awesome coat. Then, she comes over, grabs a seat infront of us, and turns to Cate (who was sewing at the time), "Do you sew on the bus alot?"

Sally (the girl), happened to do some sort of weaving/knitting thing on the bus. Cate sews. Someone had gone over to Sally and asked her, "Are you that girl that always sews on the bus?" The similarities between them can get odd, like they have the same exact glasses, but in different colors. Tonight, while we we're hanging out, they both simultaneously mentioned that they have two cats. When you don't look closely, you can confuse them (though after seeing them together enough, it really doesn't happen anymore, and I can't really see that similarity anymore- they do look alot different unless you don't look).

The first meeting was in July, and we swapped emails, and said we'd get in touch, and didn't. Or we tried, but emails got lost, or weird stuff happened. Finally, Cate bumped into her on the bus again. And then I bumped into her on the bus again. And now we're hanging out and everything and stuff. She's interested in Mage Knight and roleplaying and stuff like that.

Wheeee for new friends!

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