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I just saw Lizzerpoofs online! I haven't chatted with her in ages!

Today, at work, there were stupid people. They're called managers. Or wannabes, since Hutch isn't a manager, he just thinks he is. At any rate, he was giving me shit about what I write on my boards in the morning. He complains that I don't "follow procedure" and leave things off.

Now, lets break this down: My boards are better looking than any other instructors, both asthetically and in terms of functional layout. I get better scores from the students than most other instructors, and make better use of the board during class (which if I followed procedure, I wouldn't even be able to draw on the board because it'd be covered with the topics).

So, in terms of procedure and policy- fuck procedure and policy. My way is simply better. And I'll keep doing it my way.

Today I needed a stretcher to make Front Page Level 1 run all day. So, I pulled up the NHAlbany web site, and went over, point by point, how it sucks. And it does.

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