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Day from Hell: A Survivors Tale

Okay... so what made this day so bad.

  • Yesterday, as I was prepping for this class, the excercise files were off, not following the course material. At 7:30 today I discover that there are two versions of the class I was teaching. I prepped the wrong one.

  • Students who signed up for the class thought they were getting the one I prepped

  • At 8:30, I had 10 computers for the class- and 11 students.

  • The Cold Fusion image (the drive image for the class I was teaching) is dead. Of course, I didn't find this out until after class had started. For the first quater of class, nothing worked

  • I spent two hours of class time getting the image set up and working properly.

  • By lunch, I had one lesson done, and only part of the second- out of five total lessons.

Suffice it to say, I had a hell of a day. Between not knowing the material I was teaching and having everything breaking down... oi!

However, while today was hard, it could have been much worse. The big pickme up for the end of the day was when several students came over and told me that they didn't think the class could be saved- but I had.

And so, I sit back, finishing this, before having a cigarette and some jack+coke, satisfied with a hard days work that came to something in the end. I'm tired, mentally and emotionally drained... But it's done! I won!


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