How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On War...

My current pet peeve:
Remember when war was a gentlemanly affair? As much about honor, courtesy, and manners as it was about winning? No, I don't either, but people pretended that was true at least! In one of the bloodiest military battles, Gettysburg, do you know how many civilians died?

One. In her kitchen, backing bread. A confederate sharpshooter was sighting in his rifle on her doorknob, and a shot went through the wall of her house and struck her.

What happened to meeting on the field of battle, agreeing to the terms of the fight, and waiting until the other was ready to attack? You'd just find an empty field, and two armies would shoot at each other, stab each other, hack each other, etc.

What is this with bombing cities? What is this with slaughtering the civilains and destroying the industrial bases.

But nooooo. It's gotta be about the winning. It's gotta be about the killing. I call for honor in warfare, not slaughter! If there were honor in it, and a cause to fight for, even I would consider it. But in these days, there is niether.

Instead, the battles we take on are intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual. Even so, there will be casualties, and even here, there is no honor.

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