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Time for anther blind type...

I love this song...

Infinity grasp in the thing that is with the being that runs to the smkoke across the water with the water that runs down the hill into the bottom.

I made a cool pioicture today, working off of ellie's pic. This tablet is coming is so hand.y.

"I'll never find someone quite like you." I never will either. you are absolutely unique. Does this make any sense? You don't know what I'm thinking. Niether do i that's why I'm typing this.

I think this is more typoes than usual. I want to fight. I could use a good battle. One thing that bothers me about Wus Club (as we've taken to calling it) is the fact that we are gentle. I want to fight for real. I want to be in a REAL fight, and I want to get hurt. I'm too much of a wus to ever hurt myself, but part of me likes- craves? pain. It's...

I'll pick at scabs because I love the way it feels as my nerves revolt. But it's that dull pain, like when you get punched. I don't like scratches or cuts. Swollen bruises are great. A great feeling.

Every day, take a few seconds and stand on your head. It's a great feeling, and a great way to wake oneself up.

This song still rawks.

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