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This Weekend.... WHEEEEE


Okay, so Cate and I had talked to Apples on sunday about his party this weekend, but had never actually finalized anything about it. So at 4:30 on Saturday, we get a call from Apples, "I'm somplace on Wolf Road- er... I think... that's what the exit said. Where am I, and how do I get to you?"

So after a delayed departure, Apples, Cate and I started downstate to Ktown, for his halloween party. We made it from Albany to Apples' house in about 30minutes (not bad for an hour drive, ne?). I was dressed as God (from Lain, the God of the Wired, Masami Eiri- which let me say, I looked good as- I make a good bishonen). Cate wore her retooled 80's prom dress with the beadwork spiderweb and netting. Apples, Becky, and Carly (Becky's cousin) were all Hogwarts students (which Bex did exceptionally well). Pat Gotelli was there with his sigoth, which was neet, because I hadn't seen him since high school, and he has improved greatly since then. Tim and Ben were there of course, as was Sarah. We watched Event Horizon, then left for the Headless Horseman Hayrides.

Now the HHH was something that I had never done before, and I was pleased by it. You start by getting on a flatbed pulled by a farming tractor and covered in hay (a hayride... amazing how that works), and get dragged through a hideous but entertaining story. James (known as Rufus for the ride) was our guide for the trek which was wonderful, because James is... well, James. Flameheaded funnyboy. The HHH consisted of a few haunted houses and an amusing magician, and the all important corn maze.

Then came the diner run, which featured such fun as the Penis game (I won! Yay me! Creepy mafioso looking people shot me strange looks). I also discovered that whipped cream is the most underappreciated condiment. Whipped cream goes well with the following diner snacks:

  • Coffee

  • Chicken Fingers (with or without Honey Mustard)

  • Mozzerella sticks

  • Fried mushrooms

  • French Fries (with or without cheese on them)

  • </ol>
    Laugh all you want, it's really tasty. The waitress gave me odd looks, but it was fun!

    After that, it was down to Poughkeepsie (known from this point foward as Puggy, since I hate typing it- fun to say though), to see Ben and Tim's apartment. We chilled there, James, Tim, Ben, Cate and I.

    Lets say this- we roleplayed. Of course, this roleplay session started with the statement: "Why don't we skip the entire character creation process." "Ok! You- what is your character doing?" Characters, exposition? HAH!

    We crashed there, and this morning was Xboxing and more RP.

    It's nice to stay up till 4am again! It's nice to see those ktown peeps again! They are the tightest, most loyal group of friends I've ever had. Up here in the Troy area we don't have the same group element to it all. There's not this solid, inseperable core that are always together, unless they're at school and work.

    Why the hell not?

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