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Mental Fatigue!

BAH! Today was draining. Just a long, long day.

And there was a curse spoken today- of course the person performing the curse was also the cursee, but that's what people get for being hypocritical, dishonest, and speaking prophecy this close to Samhain.

Today was Franchise Friday ("frenchfry friday" as Greg so aptly puts it). Basically, the owner gets the staff together and tells us how good we're doing, how bad we're doing, and how the company is number one, and we'll stay number one.

Today however, the lying manipulative sack of shit said the following (paraphrase follows):

We're on top because we have integrity. (blatant lie) If you don't have integrity, it'll get you in the end. All those people without integrity, who break committments, are dishonest, or don't hold up their end of the deal are going to get screwed in the end.

I could see the black cloud of ironic fate twisting up and roiling over his head. And it's just hanging there, bigger than ever (since it's been fairly omnipresent).

He's screwed.

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