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Samhain, other stuff and BLAH.

Samhain was nice, Cate and I swung out to the Castle in Troy, to tuck the Seelie in to bed, and then we went over to Bob's with Sarah and Dennis, followed by a trek to Prospect to wake the Unseelie up. Disguises are a must on Samhain, lest the spirits that are about remember your face.

Course, their mischef continued into this morning, as due to weird transportation things, I ended up stupidly getting stranded in downtown albany on my way to work this morning. A strange set of confluences that conspired against me.

And now, work seeks to frustrate me: my class I'm teaching tomorrow not only has enrollment, but it has 7 people- a reasonable class. The weather stinks, there are no holidays on the calendar, which means I can expect an almost full group tomorrow.

Nusiance, annoyance, and frustration.

I want another job!!!

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