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Jasper Jacobs Character Profile

Jasper Jacobs

Jasper was born on Long Island, along the coast, in an upper crust, suburban neighborhood. His father worked eighty-hour weeks in one of those random white-collar jobs that induces stress, yet never seems to actually produce anything. His mother worked as a teacher in the local public school.
His mother read all of the latest child rearing manuals, and knew that giving Jasper any special affection or treatment would segregate him from the other students, and hamper everyone's development- so she treated him just like any other child in the school, even when he was at home. Jasper found most of his compassion in Wuff, his stuffed dog that he had possessed since infancy. As a child, he fancied that he could hear Wuff talking to him, but as he got older, he knew that was simply immaturity.
In his teen years, he attempted to grow the emotional tools that most of his peers exhibited, still not completely sure what his father looked like. As he entered high school, he attempted to find an outlet in poetry, and wrote several verses of doggerel before one of his teachers set him off that path. It was in mathematics that he really shined, but he did not care for it much- or really at all. He was indifferent towards it, save for the fact that he was good at it- and it was the only thing that he was good at.
As college approached, Jasper's father started making appearances in his life, demanding that Jasper make something of himself. Since Jasper was abysmal at almost everything but numbers, Jasper's father had a hard time choosing Jasper's career, science and math were admirable and all, but there was really no money in it, like art. No, the only way to make money with math was either with the mob or in accounting. So off Jasper was shipped to Harvard, to study accounting.
Jasper had his share of college foolishness, parties, frats, and girls. His accounting classes were easy for him, but things like business law came a bit more difficult, and he spent a great many long nights studying for those subjects.
During the fall of his sophomore year, a fire destroyed his house, killing both his parents. Jasper had the initial moment of shock, but everyone agreed that he handled it remarkably well, he did not miss a single class, or even slack in his studies. Of course, no one saw him standing outside of the plot where his family house stood every holiday, wondering why his parent's house looked different, and why these strangers were living there.
Jasper inherited a sizeable sum, enough so that college would be no issue, and he would start with a decent leg up after graduation. Additionally, he inherited his father's stock portfolio, which, in later years, would lead him into the world of financial investment.
After he graduated, he stopped expecting his parents around, and moved into NYC, working as an accountant for a banking/investment firm on Wall Street. Like the rest of his life to date, he did fine enough at it, and even really shined in his ability to predict market fluctuations, but none of it meant anything to him. It did not really matter; it was just something that he did to feed himself.
He had a nice car, a nice apartment, and worked eighty hours a week.
A few times, one of the women that he worked with attempted to date him, and he would go out a few times a year. All of them were left unsatisfied by his lack of substance. Not to say that he was not well read, he was, he enjoyed going to art galleries, watching movies and being social, and was terribly intelligent and charming, but they all found that something was lacking. After a few dates, each of them moved on to find someone else to occupy and engage them.
Jasper never really noticed the lack of human connection in his life. He filled empty hours with day-trading or watching documentaries.
One day, as Jasper was balancing some books, he discovered a discrepancy in excess of $13M. He immediately informed his boss, who told him to forget about it. Jasper was confused, but did as he was asked. A week later, two men in dark suits came to visit him. They offered him a side job, one where he would be able to almost double his salary, if he could remember to keep his mouth shut. And so Jasper became a bookie for the mob.
Most of the work that he did for them was identical to what he did legally. The biggest difference was that instead of wagering on the behavior of stocks, he would balance odds on horses, fighters, and so on. He would track not just cash, but resources as well, drugs, guns, etc. Again, nothing really stuck to him, he crunched the numbers, and spat out the results, and everyone was happy. He prospered, and eventually, changed jobs, ending up with a corner office in the World Trade Center on his thirty-fifth birthday.
A few years later, the WTC was attacked.
When Jasper came to, he was no longer in the NYC that most people know, but in the mysterious Underworld. Much the same way that he dealt with the death of his parents, he just failed to register this change is status. He constructed an elaborate fantasy world, where he was living in the Upworld NY, in a nice apartment, working for a nice firm.
People who are slightly crazy do not make much of an impact in the Underworld, many who find their way there being slightly mad to begin with, but Jasper was a terrible exception. Without someone watching over him, he would perform the most distasteful faux pas, simply because he did not know any better.
In his aimless wanderings, he stumbled into the Trader Guild Hall, and simply sat down and began to balance out accounts. Before anyone quite realized that he was there, he had set himself up as their accountant. At first, he was merely tolerated, but as people (and other beings) began to discover that he had a knack for keeping profits high, even if "profits" consisted of a few circuit boards, a scrap of metal, and a shiny rock.
So his eccentricities were tolerated, but his attempts to establish an Upworld style economy were beaten back at every turn, and he was warned against such activities. No one wanted such a thing in the Underworld. Working for the guild itself however, he was making too much progress, so they paired him up with an experienced Trader, so that the Upworld attempts of Jasper could be controlled on a smaller scale.
A few days later, the Trader's Guild War started out, but Jasper hardly noticed. He stayed on the periphery, giving his side logistical support, but not really giving a damn about the outcome, in his mind, should his company fail, he could switch, maybe even find a position in the competition. So he muddled through the Guild War, like everything else, blindly.
And that happens to be about where we found Jasper when the story began.

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