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The future of race

I'm rather tired of trite, leftist coddling of racial issues. It's harmful, demeaning to everyone invovled, and prevents the evolution of race and culture to move to the level that it's trying to.

"Cultural Identity" has traditionally, been something that was racial. Simply because that was the group of people that you interacted with; your parents, your cousins, and so on, and they would, by the miracle of genetics, share a race with you.

Our world is moving away from that. More and more, the social groups that we end up linking with tend to be social groups based upon profession, interest, or econmic status.

For example, look at the "geeks". Granted, most geeks turn out to be white males, but that is not the totality of geekdom. Geekdom is a rather gender neutral state, the determining feature is an interest in technology and mathmatics and things like roleplaying.

I myself would identify myself first as a geek, not as a white male.

This is getting rather disjointed, and I can concentrate on the point I want to make, because all I can think about is how much I want to brush my teeth.


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