How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

I did the stress test thing that iambliss posted about.

I ranked it at under 150 points- no signifigant stress in my life.

Mostly true, aside from fucking bills. I just can't seem to have enough money- even when I spend none of it on anything but things that are required (phood, photostuff for Cate), with a smattering of luxuries (like the perennial $5 for a pack of cloves that it takes Cate and I at least a week to smoke).


Oh, and on a side note- I want to go to bed. Today was the day where I caught a bus at 6am, to alternate between overwarm bussage and ice cold stops, while trodding through three busses to get to work ten minutes early.

Which is what is giving me time to post this. See how magickal that is?

Magick! That's my other thing. For any of those that still read my LJ, I have a question:

How do you reconcile the mystical portions of your life into the mundane? I find, at least for myself, that at work, I can't focus on the more mystical things and concentrate on the details of my job, and after work, I'm too drained to put my best efforts into mysticism.

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