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Jasper Jacobs... a tale...

I'll see how much of this I can recount in fifteen minutes.

I've been RPing in a game run by Jeremy (a Catefriend from SUNY)- we're playing Underworld (read: Neverwhere, by Niel Gaiman, but moved to NYC). Basic premise of the setting: beneath new york city, there is a maze of tunnels that connect to, but run beneath the subway system, and those tunnels are realms where magic still thrives, where Minotaurs and Legends (like the legend of Adventure that runs with our group).

My character fell into this world when the WTC collapsed. He was an accountant/broker/financial advisor in the towers. He however could not accomodate this into his world view. He was Normal, unable to practice or properly interact with the magic, but he was a step beyond Normal- he refused to acknowledge the existance of the Underworld. He lived in a happy little delusion land, where he went to work every day, wore a nice suit, lived in a tiny apartment, and those talking cats were just mewing funny, or else were just kids pretending to be cats.

Through no efforts of his own, Jasper Jacobs was linked up with Magdelena (a 17th-18th century maiden who had fallen through time and taken on the role of a Librarian of Underworld lore) to research some mysterious- or actually, impossible murders. (The particular area in which they lived was ruled by a legendary healer, which magically prevented anyone from ever actually dying- except this murderer was killing people anyway)

Along the way an amnesiac immortal who acts like a drunken preacher, a mad scientist, the legend of Adventure and a wisemouthed cat joined the party, investigating these murders.

Jasper was the bitch of the party. His manners and up-worlder sensibilities coupled with his delusions made him freaking annoying. The running joke was that people would perpetually smack him for saying something stupid, he'd think they were all insane, and so on.

Occasionally though, his mundane behaviors came in handy. Last night, we stumbled across a Bull and a Bear fighting. The bull charged us, and I failed to dodge- so instead, Jasper sketched out a strategy to turn a Bear market into a Bull market, and ended up taming both animals.

Right there, his delusion started to crack. He started talking about them as "metaphors for the economy", writing it off to the poetic nature of his youth.

That was until the Bear was killed by the Murderer (who happens to be the Legendary Terrorist). This pushed my character to find out what happened to the market- with the Bear market killed.

So my character went up to the subway station looking for news. He found news from the night before (which reflected his first encounter with the Bull and the Bear), but couldn't find anything up to the minute.

So he had to go street side.

For the first time in a year.

And he broke. His suit was in tatters, not neatly pressed- people shunned him, people he knew thought he was dead, everyone else thought he was insane.

I spent weeks building up this character's delusions, and now, his entire world has been shattered. He is now aware of the true nature of the Underworld and the fact that he's been deluding himself.

All of the sudden there's all these wonderful possibilities for the character...

It's really really neet!

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