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Blarging in my blogger?

Blarg is actually fairly appetizing sounding.

Bah work! Let us review this week:
2 days teaching XML, very techinical, new material, very taxing.
2 days teaching UML, highly highly technical, a compression of 4 years of college, ubertaxing.
1 day teaching Access Level 3, attempting to turn twelve-o'clock flashers into database application designers.

Not to mention the fact that Page, who I ride in with, is off to on-sites Thursday and Friday, Greg, who I can bus to and ride with (but get up half an hour earlier for) is only coming in on time thursday (and I'm screwed for a ride home), and friday I'll be bussing in, because anyone coming from or near Troy is working nights or on-sites.

That's the bad news.
The good news: today is payday. Some bills get paid. I keep enough cash on hand to pay for incidentials, and maybe a few luxuries- snacks, cloves, etc.
Last night we went to the rehersal for Barb's mystery dinner- which resulted in a happy Cate (to contrast with the highly depressed Cate). Joy, humor, and comedy abound. Gore, stuff, and camp are full.
Tonight is gaming- Underworld with Jeremy.

I want a vacation.

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