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An argument, by proxy

The disease Naqoyqatsi seeks to address, Reggio says, is a culture addicted to technology. He identifies one key symptom: the increasing distance between the image and reality. Computer-generated imagery, he says, has created a disconnect between what we see and what we know.

"The image is no longer a reproduction of reality," Reggio says. "The image is a creation. Beauty that comes out of the computer has no integrity except the limits of the imagination. It has nothing to do with reality. It's the beauty of zero and one."

This quote comes from an article about a moviemaker that has released a film that is supposed to critisize our tek addicted culture.
In that I must laud him, for our society is addicted to technology.

I however, want to focus on the statement he made about the distance between image and reality.

The image created by the computer _is_ a step away from reality. It is a creation. It has no need, nor any desire, nor any ability to reflect the physical. And? I do not see this as a bad thing- the same attitude, that the image fails to represent reality was what people said when the Impressionists started their work.

The largest weakness to technology is that it narrows our worldview. Technology has been used to push our world into the material. The scientific process and technology both have worked to create a static reality.

Digital imagirey, cyberpunk philosophy, and digital metaphysics have an opposite effect- they draw the mind from the material, concrete reality into a realm of abstracts and conceptions.

My latest artistic endeavors have been taking pictures (with my slammin' new digicam) and modifiying them- not simply for asthetic purposes, as I used to (and touted as the strongest aspect of my work- that it was meaningless), instead, I seek to manifest in art things that _aren't_ there- the unseen possibility, the potential that lurks under the surface.

No, in my art, I have no compunction to reflect the physical reality, but the integrity of my art comes from the eye of possibility. Everything I picture is true- after a sense.

I took a photograph of some gravel and rocks behind New Horizons. Most of them are river polished stones used for drainage, but mixed in was a larger one that was jagged and craggy with some rust spots on it. The center of the focus is on that rock, and all of the others fade out of focus gently. After I manipulated it, the rust spots turned into glowing nodes that look like a radioactive material under a black light.

I entitled the image Uranium in Suburbia. The contrast between the two rocks- mundane, rounded, polished rocks and a jagged glowing piece of a rare and powerful material brings in a plethora of connotations.

The unique and special lurking among the mundane; a slow, draining cancer that pollutes all around it; those are just two potentials manifested in that image.

Digital imagiry has an integrity to the abstract, to the ideals. Digital imagiry is the work of the platonic philosopher, who is comfortable to work not with forms, not with images, but with Ideas.

Speaking of artistic projects, I have another one that I'm looking to start, and it's one that will require some help (wink wink nudge nudge). In a few weeks or months (ie. whenever I have cash and time), I'm going to register a domain name and set up a webserver. The domain I want is "".

The plan is this- I'm going to create a site that lets people download images, logos, and later buys stickers and patches bearing legends like "Terrorist". Terrorism is the New Boogeyman, and the Establishment is planning to use it to push through new, more oppresive policies, based upon the fallacy that safety and freedom are mutually opposed.

So I intend to defuse it in several ways. First- I intend to make it into a pop culture joke. Imagine thousands of punks and rebellious teenagers wearing patches that say "Terrorist", or hang posters of George Bush with the caption "Babykiller" on it, and so on.

Second, I intend to be a terrorist, after a different fashion. I intend to perform attacks that strike fear into the Establishment- but not through killing or bombs, etc. Those won't solve anything, the Establishment has more capacity to kill me and has more bombs. The only people that I could kill and the buildings that I could bomb are not the Establishment itself- just its employees. The employee's of the Establishment are people like myself- equally bereft of political power and social efficacy. Injuring them is merely injuring the people who I'm trying to help.

No, I'm going to use that site as a sounding forum, as well as a platform to launch attacks based upon civil disobedience, culture jamming, and info-vandalism. It will provide resources to "Build a Protest Rally", articles, advice, and supplies. Perhaps even a section for an "exploit of the month"- people could send in news clippings that result from actions they perpetrate, and one is selected to be hosted on the site for the month as a successful example.

Thoughts? This is a big project, originally, I was thinking of spearheading it, but then again- look at how everything I spearhead works out? Usually it doesn't.

What I'm looking for at the moment is volunteers in the greater Albany, NY area that are willing to meet on free time and help organize the site, as well as perhaps a few publicity/protests in the area. I don't want the site to be a matter of us standing on a pulpit- I want to advocate taking things to the streets, and I want to be practicing what I preach.
After it gets launched though, I'm going to be looking for people who are willing to write articles for the site, record acts of "Terrorism" that we perpetrate, and in general, raise hell and promote the site. This can be _anyone_ who lives _anywhere_.

Now of course, this isn't going to be making any friends in gubentorial circles, so I understand hesitancy to sign up. But I want to start taking an in your face stand against War, Oil-mongering, Commercial Culture, Megacorps, Brainwashing and anything else that seeks to oppress us. I'm going to fail miserably or just forget to act if I'm left on my own. I don't mind taking on the bulk of the organizing responsibility, but I need people to put a fire under my ass, as well as people to take on some of the workload.

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