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More work. Fucking work.

Wow... looking over previous posts, do we detect a theme in the past months?
Fucking work.

Today, again, no class, but I did do a one-on-one tutoring session with a secretary from RPI. I want to do some more onsites, and get the hell out of the facility. On-sites are always like a vacation for me. Either they're easy to do via bus, or they involve a stay in a hotel. Though with classes on Cate wouldn't be able to travel with me... so strike that; she's the main reason that travel is fun. Just give me some nice local onsites that are easy by bus.

Last night we went out with Sarah and Dennis, and did some work on characters for my WWII campaign. A mage game set during the Battle of Britain. I do still need more historical research- what'd be great is a diary from someone who was there... just to get a feel for what life was like.

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