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In other news...

"Logic is the foundatation of our society, of our reason, it is what keeps our feet upon the ground and a roof above our heads." -- Pope John XXII.

While that quote is made up, it was inspired by historical events- Pope John XXII was the only pope that was a logician, and he ceased to be pope one day, when he was on his way to study logic- a roof fell upon him.

I'm studying up on mage, getting ready to run a very small campaign, set during WWII, in London. Not to give away anything, but it won't really involve the players being heroic or fighting Nazi's or anything (or maybe it will), WWII is just another part of the setting. If the characters end up exploring London sewers looking for Quintessence or flying Son of Ether airships against the Nazi bombers- that's what the characters decide.

It's going to be large, and involve me studying up on WWII history. Should prove to be interesting however.

In other news, I have no money. Through bad arithmatic, I determined that I had more than reality did, and reality has now imposed itself upon me to find a bank account with a balance of -$1.28.

When I verified this, checking my statement, I had a moment of panic-"Oh my god, how's the rent check going to clear, how are the bills going to get paid I don't get a check for another week..."

Then it passed.

I mean, seriously, fuck money. Fuck the bills. I'll talk to my landlord, let him know there's a problem, and he's fairly cool, he'll wait a week or two I think.

I made an error in calculation (and now, in retrospect, buying my digital camera was a large error- $629 that I shouldn't have spent).

It's amazing really. When I got my last paycheck, I had $1400ish in my account. And that was on the 25th. And 1400 is alot less than it seems.

To suddenly be able to say I have no money is suprisingly liberating. None. Zippo. Zero. Zilch. I've got $25 in my pocket, and two checks for $50 that I need to deposit.

This makes me glad however, that $250 of that quickly spent $1400 went to my credit card. I've now got a limit of $1100 or so, so for day to day purchases, I can keep myself covered.

Also, I just got a raise, and by the end of October, I should have another raise, and after that, money should be no issue.

Other interesting stuff:
"Uwe is downloading some of that stuff... I think Object Oriented? Object Oriented is something you download to your computer, right?" -- Justine Couvares, my boss.

Uwe, our facilities manager was fired on Monday. Management never liked his style (there's a right way and a short-term profitable way- he tried to do things the right way), and now, his wife is dying of cancer, his wife's ex-husband is trying to gain custody of the son from the previous marriage, and Uwe just can't put in the hours that he used to.

So he got canned.

There are some things I hate about where I work. Since about three months or so before I started working here, management stopped putting money into people's retirement funds. The money still got taken out of the checks mind you- but it got put back into the business.

When pressed on this, the owner said: "You wouldn't have wanted to put money in anyway- with the market going down you would have lost money."

There are two sets of books being kept- one that represents reality and one that is a delightful fantasy for anyone who looks at the business. Within a few years, New Horizons is going to have a realization like the one I just had- but that'll be it for this franchise.

I'll be honest- I'm here because it pays, and fairly well, and is a good resume builder so I can move onto a more interesting job. I'm teaching people, which in the end, is helping them. I deal with large numbers of people on an interesting basis.

While my company may be corrupt, the corruption has not hurt me, and I can help our students, and work against the corruption.

And then I'll leave.

Maybe I'm trying to rationalize "I'm not a sell out". I like to think that I'm not a sell out though.

I'm just renting.

I mentioned the digital camera that I purchased. Took it out for a spin- and it's sweet. I'm still getting the hang of all of the buttons, the focus adjusting is fairly tricky. Took it out to do some night photography- note- this is my first time using an actual camera (other than point and shoot bull shit). But by using my experience in ray-tracing, computer graphics, and physics- I acctually pulled off some very nice shots. Using 1 second exposures (or .8 for most shots) and a F2.0 apeture and holding really still, there a few pictures I got that just look wonderfully dramatic.

If I can ever find some picture hosting space again I'll post them here- or when I get money, I'll set my comp up as a web server with a dynamic DNS.

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