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by doing nothing at all.

Take one day.
Don't go to work, or to class. Don't go shopping. Don't do anything but relax.

Take a nice walk. Talk to some old friends. Make some new ones.

Maybe we can organize. Get a few of us, get a dozen of us, get a hundred, or a thousand of us, and all take that Day together. Then maybe we'll go back to work for a little bit, and a few months, days, weeks, hours later, do it again, simply because we like it.

Do you know what my main weakness is? I lack courage. What it really boils down to, is that I am deathly afraid that I'm mediocre. Frightened-beyond-pale-to-translucent-save-for-the-turd-visible-in-the-pants.

So I just act mediocre. If its all an act, then I can safely hold onto the dreams of being something else.

Actions speak louder than words in this situation.

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