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Tempus Fugit- like a kidney stone.

Actually, time has been passing more like a roaring river, but I like that metaphor.

Last night was the new moon. I'm not surprised really, ever since, everything has had that kinda "fresh start" feeling. I love the new moons, more so than the full moon. In the full moon, the night lies bare, exposed. On a new moon, mystery abounds, the unseen remains that way, and the unknown is more dangerous.

Yesterday, I find out at 4:15 that the next morning I'm supposed to be teaching material I've never seen before. I reminded people that I had a life and did not work on my own time, and I was given time to prepare this morning.

I walk in (after taking the bus- bleh!), walk to my prep room, and sit down, stare at some advanced outlook stuff for a half hour and go, "Cake."

I walk into my class, scribble some magickal sigils on the board, mostly to induce a fun loving class, and jazz things up while waiting for them by dancing about the room. My class arrives, and we dive in, laughing uproariously the entire time.

This was one of the most fun classes I've taught, simply because everything flowed nicely, the people were cooperative and intelligent, as well as interested, and I had fun. Something that's been lacking lately, at work at least.

Cate and I are heading downstate to a ren-faire this weekend, and my wallet already cringes. I can't wait till the next paycheck! Cate and I need to cut back the frivolities (Mage Knight, sex toys, etc) because we're starting to get low on fundage. Not terribly low, but I'd prefer to have more than $600 as backup, ne?

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