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Subject: Subjectified.

Discontentment abounds in these times. People simply aren't happy. Most of us are in jobs we hate, the lucky ones are in jobs they can tolerate (I fall in that group), and how many have a job they actually love?

Sickeningly few.

And it doesn't just stop at jobs. Look at the media saturation with mindless drivel. When was the last time you saw something artistic in mainstream media? Try and find a television show that affects you. Changes you. Makes you a better person. Try and watch a movie that makes you contemplate the world around you.

Someplace along the way, we've become unaware. Even here, sitting at work, there's some unnamed force that makes me lose interest in the world. I've got my bubble of tasks to focus on, and everything else is forgotten. In the current events around us, our government is plotting one illigitimate war after the other, while revoking one civil right after the other, and no one seems to notice.

Where's the outrage? Where's my outrage? The world is going wrong, and almost no one is noticing.

The first step in changing the world is changing yourself. each of us needs to decide on the way the world should be, and act towards enforcing it. Good enough isn't. We need to create the world in our image- if each of us does that, maybe we'll get a better world out of the deal. Maybe not, but at least we'll have made an effort towards action!

As of late, I've been assaulted with the themes of protection and teleology. The films and television shows I've watched and the books I have read have all centered around the idea of Protection. Protecting those around you, the weak, the ones you care about, and your Enemies. (Gargoyles, Unbreakable, The Scarlet Pimpernel, the Postman).

Simultaneously, the theme of telos has been popping up in each of them. Telos is an aristotilan idea, and it roughly means "purpose". For Aristotle, everything had a telos, a reason for existing. A hammer existed to drive in a nail. It had a purpose. Human beings are meant to be happy (a mental happiness of activity, not to be confused with pleasure). To go against the telos is to be immoral.

I do not believe that everything has a telos. Or more accurately, I believe the reason that each thing exists is to define its reason for existing.

We have no telos, there is no purpose or logic to our lives unless _we_ put it there. If you're feeling lost, only _you_ can give yourself direction. If you're feeling confused, only _you_ can find the sense in it.

This is not to say to not rely upon others, but it means that in the end, each of us is completely responsible for our own discontentment. Each of us creates our lives, and it is up to us to do with our lives as we think best, given our circumstances.

Dispose of the "It's not my fault"s, and the "It's not fair"s. Fault and fair don't matter, what does matter is that when things go wrong, we desire to fix them.

Yet another reason Gargoyles is cool- some dialogue:
Heyena: "Why do you read that garbage?"
Fox (looking up from Sartre): "Because Nietzche's too butch and I can't stomach Kafka."

That is the most apt comparison of Nietzche and Sartre I have ever hoid.

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