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Farenheight 451

What temperature does paper burn at? Why, 451 degress Farenhieght, many know that.

What temperature do brains burn at? It seems that it's about ASP 3.0. At least, prolonged exposure to it has begun to burn my brains.

So I'm taking it easy today, since forcing it into my head is not going to be helping matters any. More'n likely, it's simply going to make it less likely that I'll be able to do any work tomorrow.

So I'm just diddling today.

I've entered a new world by taking on this ASP class... the world that every college student enters at around final time. This is a completely new experience. Usually, I had enough confidence in my abilities and what I had soaked up by osmosis to fling out answers and nail an exam.

But this... this is trying to learn an entire class the week before finals, without ever having attended a single session, or cracking the book once.

My brain is full. It was full on Tuesday, but I kept going. Cramcramcram I'm done!

I've touched upon most of the topics covered in the course. But I don't know it nearly as cold as I knew C++, and I'm giving this class to a tough crowd.


I'm going to go take a shit.

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