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And now back to your regularly scheduled Remy...

Its hot in this room. I guess having two computers and no ventilation can do that. Faugh!

James, Tim, and possibly Ben and Ellie are coming to visit on Thursday! Yay K-town peeps in my new apartment! I've been brainstorming about neural networks in computing, and relating it to distributed computing (as if you care!).

I'm going to be teaching a new class for our largest client, this one on how to set up and manage ASP based websites. Again, as if you care about such technical sniggeries.

I'm going to take today to work on some artsy bits. Most of my old work (ie. anything you've seen) is too small to be used in a decently sized printout (I want to try to keep working in 16x20in images). So, instead of rezising them all and using them, I'm just making new ones, so that way I don't lose any quality.

I'm now smoking the pipe I got, with rum and smoke tabacco. It smells yummy.

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