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Alright, so it's one hundered and ninety percent official- the IBM thing fell through. So, I'm jobless for the summer so far. Let us review why this is a bad thing:
1) Paying for my last remaining semester of school.
2) I need a car for after I graduate. Bumming rides to work is tasteless.
3) Um... I'm completely uberbroke. I have $5. Litterally.

So now, lets take a moment to recap my life for the next few days.
Well, I have to finish and independant study course- a course which I haven't really started yet. Suck. My first final is wedensday, and my badass final is thursday. I need a job. The most likely prospects are up here. Which means I need an apartment. And then a car. People have offered to put me up and shlep me a bit. On the bright side, I don't have to get just summer employment. I only need two courses to graduate, which means I can be a part time student in the fall and work full time (with a couple hours missed here and there since the courses I need are not available evening, or something worked out with my slavedriver- er... employer.

So, here we go. Remy admits to something that he rarely admits to- I'm STRESSED. My nails are ready to climb a wall. I'm on the verge of seriously tweaking on this whole thing. The big thing, the independant study, is wholly my fault. I should have kept up a steady level of work on it all semester, but I was a lazy bastard. Even so- stress is beating me down.

This is not a Freebird moment.

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