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Hello World

Well now, I'm on day five of my second C++ class. It's going well. I've garnered a raise for my efforts, with more on the way, and C++ is far more fun to teach than powerpoint ever will be (though I've had some really fun PP classes, thanks to awesome students).

Yesterday, I met Brenda Washburn. She sings backups for Black 47, plays guitar, bhodran, and mandolin, along with other stuffies too. She's loaning me a mandolin, and since she's going to be a student at NewHorizons alot, the two of us and several other staff are going to get together to jam on lunch breaks, including Greg.


Cate and I are going to have a cleanup spree this weekend, the apartment is a terrible and terrifying mess, and we have this huge apartment and no guests. So we're going to fix that.

Cate found a gargoyle egg a bit back, with my gargoyle (which I handpainted) watching over it, it recently hatched. Almost finished growing its first skin at this point, but that seems to only take a few days. Hopefully, it matures a bit more slowly than the dragon we hatched. It was born and left in about a week.

Anywho... things are starting to get interesting, so lets see what's up...

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