How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

I'm going to make a new resolution to post here at least once per day. It's good to just dump thoughts, and be sociable. Not to mention, I did pay for it, may as well get my money's worth.

Speaking of money, I got a raise this week, I'm up to 26G a year now (from 24). Two grand in two months, with the promise of a) more money this fall, b) more classes that are technical (and teaching tek includes a $30 a day bonus!). All of the sudden, I'm flush. Great, when I get that next raise to $30G, I won't have to think about money at all. I hate thinking about money, I just want to have enough so that I can do as I please.

There's something coming up... it's a sorta-quest thing. For weeks now, all the various beings in Troy aware of such matters have been asking me about my connection to The Tower (represented in the physical realm by a cell-tower). I know I must go there, and I know I must do something... I have only glimmerings of what. Something like meeting myself, or battling my past or something along those lines.

I do know this- to approach the tower I will need these things to appease the three guardians:
a) Someone shall give me a slip of paper that I shall fold into a crane. That goes to the guardian which is weighed down.
b) A stone will get underfoot at an inconvenient moment. That stone shall go to the guard that is too flighty.
c) A coin shall make itself apparent to me in some eye catching way. That shall go to the guard that likes shiny objects.

After passing the three guards, I approach the tower, and something happens.

This happens soon...

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