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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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run the fuck away
I, Remy the First of Troy, do hereby announce that our most recent campaign has been completed, and the walls of Troy have fallen against our military might.

It is my Honor and my Duty to step forward in the aftermath and take the reigns of Leadership, and fill the role of Monarch over the Mortal Realms of Troy, Soverign Land of Freedom.

It is with solemn frivolity that I must approach this position, for it is not a privlege which I accept, but a Duty. I must care for, nurture, and foster my people. I am not a Ruler, for none shall measure themselves by me. I am simply a Servant, and it is by the Glory of my People that I shall be Ruled.

As I accept this position, I also bring my lovely, Catherine the First, to also serve with me, as King and Queen of Troy. May ballads be sung to her beauty, and may a thousand ships stay in port to see her.

Peace, Prosperity and Magick will walk through the Streets of our Fair Kingdom once more,
For Ever,
For Eternity,
and In Infinity.
  • Um. I'm feeling rather anarchist today.

    So in tribute, I offer the following:


    • *cheers from the neaighboring realm of Nor'Albany*

      Hyah, anarchy and rebellion!
      • Did I neglect to mention that I am also the first Anarchist King?
        • Re:

          Contradicion in terms, Remington.
          • When has that ever stopped me?

            If _everyone_ were a King, that'd be even better, especially if they were a leader who served, not ruled, yesno?
            • O, it rarely seems to...

              That is what a proper leader should be; one who rules in such a way that he/she/it serves the people/country/(insert here). In doing so, it seems, such a leader would improve the general state of affairs for the placer over which he/she/it rules, thereby ultimately improving his/her/its own situation as well.
  • He used to be the king of Spain--
    Now he's eating humble pie!

    (wanders off bopping and singing)
    • Heehee! So you thought that too after? Still more proof that we share a brain. (I only got to half the second line though--it alwasys stopped at "Now I..... blank.)(And who sang that, anyway?)

      Yay I'm queen! Does this mean I can eat bread and honey?
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