August 20th, 2008

run the fuck away

My Twittering

  • 23:38 t3knomanser: Over a week without posting. There's something wrong when you're too busy/fried to post to a microblog. GAH. Need.. #
  • 09:50 t3knomanser: I am way behind on work. Gotta have a set of T-SQL SPs ready for UAT by Monday. Not. Going. To. Happen. #whinge #
  • 09:50 t3knomanser: Now I need to file paperwork to get access to remote servers. A delay out of my control? AWESOME. I can blame the.. #
  • 17:47 t3knomanser: I'm trying out Firefox add-on Sxipper. So far, it's annoying. Why must it ALWAYS prompt me for which ID to use? Y.. #
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