July 8th, 2008

johnny cash

Spoke Too Soon: School Loans

So, last week, I paid off the remaining balance on my school loans. Or so I thought. I made the 4-day payoff, but didn't think about the holiday. They don't process payments on holidays, but they certainly accrue interest. So by the time they handled my payment (late yesterday or early today) thirty-eight cents of interest had accrued beyond what I paid them.

So I have $0.38 sitting in my account balance. "Okay," I say to myself, "annoying, but easy enough to fix." I go to the payment page, enter a payment for $0.38 and hit "submit".

Oops, you're not allowed to make payments smaller than a dollar.

"Fine," I say, "they can have the extra $0.62, and I'll just pay a dollar." Again, I go to the payment page, enter a payment for $1.00 and hit "submit".

Oops, you're not allowed to make a payment larger than your 4-day payoff (the 4-day payoff on $0.38 just so happens to be $0.38). So, I can't pay my remaining balance because it's too small, and I can't pay more than I owe.

I've sent them an email, and maybe I'll harass them by phone. This is kinda ridiculous, though. I mean, seriously.
run the fuck away

Internet Social

I've made a few changes to my Internet presence. Obviously, I'm still keeping my LiveJournal up, and it will be my primary presence. I'm ditching twitter, except as a reblogging system. It's been so unreliable lately that it's not worth anything to me. Posts will still end up there, because I have my replacement reblogging to Twitter.

So I've moved over to identi.ca. This site is sweet. It's the same basic idea as Twitter- a 140 character microblog. But, unlike Twitter's walled garden, identi.ca is entirely open. Open source, open platform. You can run the software (laconi.ca) on any server you like- and still share data with any laconi.ca server. That means you can setup your own laconi.ca, but still exchange noticies with me over on the main identi.ca server. It also uses OpenID- that means your LiveJournal account is able to access that site without creating a new account.

Not as open, but also cool: FriendFeed. FriendFeed takes all the various sites you use and aggregates them into one place. Everything of interest that I post online will drop to FriendFeed eventually, which means that's your one-stop-shop for all things Remy, for all those that are interested in such things. It tracks comments, and so is kinda the ultimate solution to replacing LiveJournal with whatever. I know people were interested in that, so it's good to know that it's available.