December 29th, 2007

run the fuck away

YACP (Yet another cat post)

There are a few worthwhile anecdotes from these past few days.

Rochester has skin like leather. They had a very difficult time getting the IV catheter in, and had to use a larger gauge needle.

He's pretty popular around the office- all the techs love him. Yesterday, after surgery, everyone was fawning over the way he fell asleep on his back. I'm sure that this trip, in which he gets his first solid food in days will result in a few more comments about cute things he does.

He was much better this morning, although we weren't- Minna and I slept in shifts to make sure that he didn't pull this catheter out. He was pretty good about it, and spent the vast majority of the time sleeping anyway- which is good, because he needs to recover from surgery. He'll be on antibiotics and stomach medicine for the next few days- which means forcing pills down his throat. Hopefully he doesn't struggle too much- I'm worried about his stitches.

We're tired. Add on the fact that I was stuck online for work last night till 10PM cleaning up a contract, and we've got a recipe for fatigue.

Alright- time to change the laundry and get the cat from the vet.

Back from the vet. He's perky and energetic. The whole point of this trip was so that they could feed him and see if he held it down (as well as give him some shots and fluids). As the vet explained, "We tried to give him food, but he just laid down in it." That's my boy.

Now, this food is super-bland easy to digest stuff, and knowing how stubborn Rochester can be, I was concerned that he'd have none of it. After all, this was the first offer of solid food in days. My cat's favorite hobby is eating. The last time I offered him this stuff, he gagged at the sight of it.

Still, when we got home, he immediately started begging for food. I offered him some of the bland stuff. Immediately, he dove in and went "om nom nom". So that's good. If he holds that down, we're in business.

I'd also like to add- our vet friggin' rocks. He gave us his cell in case there are any problems. He confessed to losing sleep worrying over Rochester. He's ready to meet us at the office any time over the next few days to give Rochester fluids if necessary (they're closed until Wednesday).

So, consider this a glowing reccommendation for East End Vet for anyone in Pittsburgh.