December 26th, 2007

run the fuck away

If you die from this, I'll kill you.

Minna's sister always gets presents for our cats for Christmas- this year, she had kittens and it was a bit of an exchange.

This year, Rochester and Sephie got, among other things a small fluff mouse. They both liked it. They liked it so much, in fact, that Rochester tore it apart and ate it. Of course, he did that while we were asleep. We only found out at 3AM when it came back up.

That's the good news, at least. Most of the mouse bits are accounted for, and not in his innards. The bad news is that his stomach is still upset. He's been throwing up a lot. If he doesn't stop, it looks like it's time for a trip to the vet.
run the fuck away

My Twittering

  • 11:01 Rochester's stomach appears to have settled down. I hate it when he does stupid shit like eating TOY MICE. #
  • 13:21 Bah. He threw up again. Called the vet, we've got a slot at 3:30. About twelve hours after I awoke to the sound of a toy being regurgitated. #
  • 16:42 Back from vet. No sign of a blockage. Some fluids, anti-emetics and x-rays. #
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