December 17th, 2007

run the fuck away

My Twittering

  • 22:15 Doh. For some keyboard shortcuts, I've gotten in the habit of thinking in QWERTY and translating to DVorak. But now that's confusing me. #
  • 11:31 I'm in training. The instuctor has a bit of a Yinzer accent. "Our" and "Hour" are usually pronounced "are". #
  • 11:33 Project 2007 and Outlook are perfect examples of how to screw up a major launch. Office 07 boasts a new UI, but these apps don't use it. #
  • 11:42 Project is even more boring to learn than it was to teach. #
  • 13:15 "Project 07 has this new feature- but it doesn't actually work yet." #
  • 14:06 I feel like Tom Servo during _The Wild World of Batwoman_: "END! END! ENNNND!" #
  • 15:16 Ah, the "File->Save As..." part of the class. Now we know the day is almost over. #
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