July 17th, 2007

hello cthulhu

Cooking Trout

Apparently, today is the day to post recipes, etc. My friends page is flooded. Okay, there's like two in a row, but still. They've been lurking at the top of my friends page all morning.

The local grocery store is a high-end, well-stocked one, complete with trout and salmon and buffalo, etc. Most recently, I did some salmon steaks, but pan-frying trout is way more fun.

Pan frying trout is simple, but easy to screw up. Trout is very delicate in flavor, and shouldn't be swamped with seasoning.

Melt some butter in a frying pan. 1 stick per pound of trout. Half a pound of trout with a side-dish can feed two. It is important to use butter- real cholesterol filled butter. This doesn't have good results with margarine, vegetable of olive oil (all of these can be used to cook trout, but you're better off reserving other oils for stir-fry). Season the oil a bit- I used a smidge of garlic powder and a little salt (if you're using salted butter, you probably shouldn't add salt). Again- don't use much of anything.

Get the melted butter nice and hot. It should be bubbling aggressively. Carefully put your trout fillets in the oil. You don't want to splash boiling butter on yourself. Count, very slowly, to ten. Then wait a few more seconds. Flip the fillet and repeat. Your goal is to have the fillet golden brown and crispy. The cooking time will be very brief- a minute or two at most. Probably less.

That's really it. The result is a delicious bit of fish, crispy and flaky with a very light flavor.