November 26th, 2006

johnny cash

Supplied Demand

Nothing brings the whinging "when it's convenient for me" commies out of the wood-work like a video game system launch or the new "Tickle Me Elmo". I've been tracking some Wii related forums, looking for info on when to look (online- you think I'm going to a store after Black Friday? Fat chance!) for Wii's, etc. What really surprises and depresses me is the number of people that are so offended by scalpers/flippers.

The business model is simple- you, a few friends, some bums you give twenty bucks to, wait in line and grab the hot new game system in large numbers (as large as you can get). You contribute to making an already scarce item scarcer, and drive the eBay prices up as dumbasses that can't wait to buy the latest system will shell out 100% over retail (if not more!) to get it. Big money to be had, and there's lots of people that are upset with this.

Forums start raking these scalpers over the coals, spitting venom at the very idea- it even got to the point where someone was claiming that selling property at a profit was immoral. THe ongoing claim is that scalpers are victimizing poor parents that just want to get their kids the toys they want for Christmas. It's unfair (of course, nothing prevents them from doing what the scalpers do, or getting one before the scalpers). "Sick". "Depraved". These are the words that are thrown around, amid accusations of "hoarding".

Grow the fuck up people. People who can't fucking wait a few months for the latest toy are the reason these scalpers exist. Don't blame the folks that are capitalizing on a market need- blame the folks that can't fucking wait. Blame the folks that are willing to shell out big bucks for a toy. They're the immature scum that need to grow up. They're not victims- or if they are, only of their own idiotic predilection for confusing a "want" with a "need". And they're the ones ruining it for everyone else, pissing in the pool so to speak.