November 7th, 2006

run the fuck away


To demonstrate my opinion of Nano, I've completed my first-draft script that's just a hair under 50K words. Buddy me on Nanowrimo and enjoy. When I have the finished draft, I'll post the script and the end product(s) here. It takes a couple of hours to generate a novel this way, and all the appropriate credit has to be given to Wikipedia.


This is my Nano (the first one). Fifty thousand words and change. I don't see what's so hard! I finished it in 88 minutes (okay, I'm a dick, I know). It's the story of a lonely astronaut who finds love in the strangest of places, and the tearful coming of age story of a young hunter, trying to become a man for his tribe. I teared up.

(All proper copyright notices must be made: this work is distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License.)