October 23rd, 2006

run the fuck away

Best Business Trip Ever?

Monday and Tuesday, I'm scheduled for a class in Glens Falls, an hour north of Albany. Being carless, and receiving no support from management, I was left on my own to figure out transport. I'll take "Cab Rides", for $100, Alex. They pay my expenses, so, screw them, right? Well, in my typical world of "no support from management", I show up at the time I'm supposed to (7:30), which is actually 30 minutes before they actually open. Freeze my ass off for a little bit, head in. Setup for class. And suddenly, the owner discovers that the two people that this training was for aren't available for training today.

So the class is cancelled. Cue a cab ride back (to the center), and so this business trip is now over. A small morning event that is past. Excellent.

They want me back out there for this at some point, but hopefully after seeing my expense report, management gets off their collective asses and does something. Of course, this screws the AE who sold the class- apparently the way this boils out we're going to actually eat the cost for these two days. Man, there are some mental midgets in charge.

Fearmongering for Restriction of Rights

When they came for the light aircraft, I didn't speak out because pilots licenses take a lot of time and money to earn. Long story short: Mayor Daley of Chicago, and many other politicos, want to start regulating the crap out of light aircraft and forbid them over major cities because one dumbass did a loop-the-loop into an apartment building in NYC.

Of course, it's to protect us against terrorists.

And remember, saying, "the Internet must be carefully regulated because a) terrorists and b) pedophiles" is the ultimate election-year twofer you can hope for.
run the fuck away


So, I finally started setting up a Windows virtual server for my Mac using Parallels. In addition to installing W2K3 inside of an emulator, I've also gone and installed Cygwin so that I can use the same command prompt (BASH) that I prefer on the Mac. In other words, the first thing I did when installing Windows was install a Linux compatibility layer.

Oh, and Service Pack 1, which happens to take far more time to install than a linux compatibility layer complete with BASH, VIM, PERL, and other similar pronounceable acronyms.