October 9th, 2006

johnny cash

Dear Employer

Dear Employer,
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. It will be a learning and growing experience to teach a class on a software package I've never used without a book for the students to follow along in or do labs out of. The challenge of figuring out how to make handouts based off of content I don't have is a fantastic chance to learn something about what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. Creating labs for them to practice, with no real understanding of the tool, the setup, or the course material is only seasoning to make my class delivery more zesty!

While I'm at it, I'd like to thank Oracle for making their Designer software installer tell me that it is only a patch/upgrade installer, even though it actually is the full installer I was hoping it would be. When I'm setting up my software installations for a class, I don't usually get the chance to say, "Oh, fuck it, it'll error out if this is a problem." I should really take the time to appreciate those moments, because they are all to few. Editted to add: And I cannot close this letter without complimenting you on the creative way in which your installer does not work. Recieving cryptic failure messages that imply some occult doings in the bowels of your functionality after waiting over an hour for your install to progress is endearing, and really teches me the value of every minute of life. I rank this innovation right up there next to the way you have screens that don't prompt for user interaction, but prevent the install from progessing until I close them. Genius engineering.

Thank you and DIAF,
run the fuck away


My 100mw red laser arrived today. Your standard laser pointer has 5mw. What does this mean? Well, it means the dot is visible even in daylight, the beam itself is visible in dusk-dark conditions, and properly lensed, I have confirmed that I can set candles smoldering and black plastic. According to the stats, it has a visible range of five miles- which I don't really have the capacity to confirm, although I do intend to take it out this evening and drive my cats insane from a few miles away (kidding).

It's a pity the skyscrapers around here are all highly lit up at night- with the white marble sides, they'd make a great test for the overall range. Of course, that would also probably lead to a terror alert.

Side note: I need dark colored balloons and matches, since the videos online show the laser lighting matches and popping balloons.

Edit: A two-thousand foot visual test, naked-eye only, confirms a pretty impressive range. I'd love to find an area that I can use for a five mile test.