September 26th, 2006



In a conversation regarding the TSA over on FARK:
Fluffy_the_cactus: And, flying is not a right. Neither is driving.

And yet, the ability to move freely in your home country is. Or should we put roving security checkpoints on public streets? If I told you it'd make us safer, would you agree? Or would you state that "Walking on the street" isn't a right either?

Funny you bring up driving. Funny, because, in order for the Government to revoke your right to drive, they have to follow due process. You have the ability to contest it in court. You have the ability to read the relevant case law, and hire a lawyer, and force the police officer to take the stand as a witness.

But for the Government to forbid you from boarding a plane- none of those things have to happen. The Government can keep you from flying without telling you why. Without giving you any legal recourse for recovering the ability to fly. The entire TSA experience happens in a legal vacuum that doesn't have any accountability, and requires an amazing amount of trust and faith in your Government.

Pardon me for saying so, but anyone who trusts a Government- any Government, is an idiot.