September 8th, 2006

Rippy the Razor Animated

Trolls in 9/11 Jokes

I'm sure plenty of people that read me journal would be plenty offended by my community 9_11jokes. Some of you might get the joke, some wouldn't, some would and just wouldn't appreciate it. That's fine. I don't make anybody go there, and that's my stance with all the offended trolls that comment in it. The community name clearly states what one should expect from it, and one of the listed interests is "3000 corpses are funny". You should know what you're getting into, and realize I don't have a drop of sympathy for your offense- even if I might for your loss.

That said, there's been a rash of trolling showing up- and I don't care. The whole thing is troll bait. But this particular trolling even is... well, hilarious. You see, my measly little community that has almost no members, fewer than 20 posts and barely any readership is college level material. That's right, just ask primo-troll who's dad was on flight 93:
I was forced into this community, my professor assigned us a research paper discussing "How Americans Deal With September 11th Today" He clearly noted to visit this website because his cousin was a New York City firefighter that helped contribute to saving lives that day, he was so hurt and disgusted just as I am.

As miusheri pointed out, people dream of being the topic of a college class, to have their writing discussed in centers of higher education. And voilá, there we go. Mind you, this has made me look at the date, and made me realize that I really need to track down something big and offensive for Monday. Fortunately, I'm not actually teaching that day.