September 4th, 2006

Rainbow Me

A note on Steve Irwin

I would argue against the idea that he "antagonized" deadly animals- he relied on his skill and familiarity with them to keep him safe. The animal that killed him, a sting ray, would hardly be classified as a "deadly" animal- this is the second or third recorded death due to a sting ray. Domestic cats have killed more people.
run the fuck away

Where's Rick Moranis when I need him?

I spent an hour today boiling malt with hops and honey, after carefully sanitizing several containers. That's right kids- I'm taking my first crack at brewing. I've got all the gear, and I got the ingredients for a Belgian Ale- me being an ale guy and all. Ales also are quicker to produce than lagers. Within a few days, I'll be bottling- and that's a phase I'm not looking forward to, since it means sanitizing 48 12oz bottles. I've got a big five gallon bucket for the bottling process, so while sanitizing that I'll dunk the bottles.

As a note- this is 48 bottles of beer. I like beer on occassion, but I'm not going to go through all 48 by myself in the near future- so if anybody in the area wants a taste, let me know. My only rule about giving beer away is that I want the bottles back (and roughly cleaned, if you're feeling nice). Hopefully this works out okay.