July 16th, 2006

run the fuck away


Last night, more time was spent prepping the CD than I particularly wanted, but it's prepped. I'm doing the burning this morning, the guys are doing the inserts and labelling. This is a limited edition of 50, although we're only doing a run of 25 to start. The burning is my big project for the day, so that we're ready to go at the show, tonight.

Speaking of, the time the venue set for the show is 7:00pm, the time the other bands think the show is ranges from that to 9:00pm. Show up around 7:00, when there's enough people, we'll start our set- and the other bands will just have to follow along. Since it's a Sunday show, the earlier the better in my mind. We play a short set, as does the band after us. The big "headliner"... well, none of us have ever heard of them, so we don't know what they'll be like.

At any rate, Bone Parade @ Valentine's, 7:00pm, $5 cover. Or maybe it's $4- don't you love the clear communication?