June 15th, 2006

run the fuck away

Name Change, MySpace, Real Website Coming Soon (maybe this weekend)

My band picked up some new members, the old name was decided not appropriate for the new ensemble/sound. Final decision: we are now "Bone Parade". Our bassist is in charge of using MySpace for it's original purpose: promoting bands. So we're less wankerish than your average emo myspace page at least. I still hate being there, and that's not because it's trendy to hate MySpace. That site is crap; the interface is horribly designed and I can't find shit in that thing. If I don't know the URL to my band's page, I can't seem to find it via search. I hate that thing.

Anyway, at least we're making some connections through it and setting up some shows (July 16th, time and location TBA), and you can check out a few recordings which have been done in Kevin's living room via a single mike and a 4-track recorder. So, over all, the quality is amazing. I reccomend Red Linen, which is the most recent recording and most representative of where we're headed now.

I've also changed my rig around a lot. A laptop isn't part of the rig any more because it was too many effects; I was getting carried away and the latency was killing me. Literally like a 1/5 of a second delay. Not cool. So I went the foot-pedal route, which brings me to three stomp-boxes: Boss DD-6 Digital Delay, PH-1 Phase Shifter (mostly for the theremin), and a Harmlectronix(?) Holy Grail Reverb. I could go check the actual name, but I'm lazy.

My biggest concern right now is projection. The current plan is to take my small 60-watt amp, mike it, and run that to the board, which works, assuming: a) where we're playing has a sound board and house PA, and b) that 60-watts is good enough to power the mike over all the other background- because I know I can't hear it over the band when I'm sitting on it. (a) should be taken care of- Valentine's has a house PA both upstairs and downstairs (and we won't see the upstairs for awhile anyway), and so does the Fuze Box, and we've got connections at both of those places. I can't think of any other clubs in the immediate area that'd host a show like ours anyway. We're probably going to draw a cross-over crowd from the goth-esque set.

So, uh, yeah. Check out the songs on the MySpace. Watch this space for updates, and eventually there'll be a real website.