June 5th, 2006

run the fuck away

Hrm... interesting opportunity

For $250 you can pick up 100 licenses for AppZapper over at MacZot, the Apple variant of w00t, although they keep whiners out of their forums. AppZapper retails for $12.95, so if somebody has a high traffic website that caters to Mac folks, there's a great chance to make some money. I'm half tempted to go in on it myself- I've got the capital, I just don't think I could make the returns.
run the fuck away

You Are Here

Everyone's seen those shots of a galaxy with "You are here" marked on one of the spiral arms. The idea, of course, is to point out that Earth is a very small part of a much larger and more exciting Universe than we can really imagine. But that's not the Milky Way- I don't remember the galaxy, but it's a nearby one that's the most similar to the Milky Way (we think). So the whole thing is pretty much a fraud.

Contrast that with the Earth as viewed from Mars. I think that one shot encapsulates so much of what I find important; the power of human creativity that allows us to even have this picture to begin with, the insignifigance of the "major" problems, and the hope that someday, I'll get to see that sight with my own eyes.

And as the coolest thing I've seen all day, it deserved a YTMND.
run the fuck away

Schoolhouse Rock

Hey, you know that cool school house on Madison? The one that's been converted into condos? Right next to the police station (that's been converted into a newspaper)? Yeah, they've got a condo up for $120G, which works out to between $800-$1000 a month depending on how one shops around for a mortgage. This is exactly the neighborhood I want and a great price. Cool building, and hopefully the insides are as nice as the outsides. I've emailed the agent and will call him tomorrow.


Got some more details, and the place looks pretty good. 960SqFt (I was worried about the size, but that's pretty big- at least for us). The only thing that makes me squick a little bit is the fact that it's a ground floor condo. It's not on the street, but "ground floor" makes me a little hesitant. Not so hesitant that I won't take a look though. I want to check the place out, get a feel for it, and take muneco's advice and at least talk to a buying agent.